Annual Do the Right Thing Celebration (DTRT)

Honors African-Americans students and adults who have “done the right thing” in Memphis and Shelby County and community.


  • Academic Preparation: Provide academic support for students in the basic core subjects of Reading/English and Math, as well as additional support in other subjects; with focus on strategies and varied approaches to help each student achieve based on his/her own capabilities.
  • Provide a reading comprehension component to strengthen students in the areas of literal and interpretive comprehension.
  • Enable students to learn more about their own capabilities, resulting in increased study skills and various learning styles.
  • Enable students to develop age-appropriate life skills.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate financial literacy skills.
  • Expose students to the culture of college life and to various enrichment activities; college tours and corporate tours
  • Equip students with knowledge of documents and how to read them; applications, application process, The Do’s and Don’ts of the application process (employment and college admissions) and interviewing techniques to include mock applications and interviews. Job readiness and dressing for success






Community based



Empower Communities. Change Lives.


To be the pre-eminent community based organization providing educational and training opportunities ensuring economic development and empowerment for Memphis, Shelby County and surrounding areas.

Social Responsibility

The Memphis Urban League’s history dates back to 1932. Then, the Council of Social Agencies and the Directors of the Memphis Community Fund recognized the need for a social service organization to improve the living and working conditions of the Negro citizens of Memphis.

Equality of Opportunity

The Memphis Urban League is an interracial, non-profit, nonpartisan, community-based organization that provides direct services and policy advocacy to help individuals and communities reach their full potential.


To assist African-Americans, the underserved and economically disadvantaged to expand economic opportunities and secure equality, power and civil rights.

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