Computer Training

The Memphis Urban League Computer Training Center offers training that will take your career to the next level. The curriculum is designed to build critical job skills essential to your life that will put you on the cutting edge of the job market.

Ready to Improve Your Computer Skills?

The training provided is based on a curriculum that is dedicated to innovative approaches to life long learning. 

The Memphis Urban League Computer Training Center has been committed to empowering and equipping over 3000 students to achieve the marketable skill sets that will help them achieve economic independence and become productive citizens in the workforce.

The Memphis Urban League has provided training for over 25 years in the fields of: Computer
Training, Professional Development and Job Readiness Skills. We are dedicated to serving the community; while ensuring that job seekers are prepared to enter the workforce. 

Turn Your World Around Today!  

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Empower Communities. Change Lives.


To be the pre-eminent community based organization providing educational and training opportunities ensuring economic development and empowerment for Memphis, Shelby County and surrounding areas.

Social Responsibility

The Memphis Urban League’s history dates back to 1932. Then, the Council of Social Agencies and the Directors of the Memphis Community Fund recognized the need for a social service organization to improve the living and working conditions of the Negro citizens of Memphis.

Equality of Opportunity

The Memphis Urban League is an interracial, non-profit, nonpartisan, community-based organization that provides direct services and policy advocacy to help individuals and communities reach their full potential.


To assist African-Americans, the underserved and economically disadvantaged to expand economic opportunities and secure equality, power and civil rights.

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