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Education has an enormous impact on society and is more essential to a high quality of life than any other single factor. Although education is not the only indicator of opportunity, a lack of education and connection to the workforce translates into significant earning differences among individuals. Many barriers exist that prevent these students from excelling in their studies and pursuing the American dream of attaining higher education, and scoring the perfect career.

The Impact of Education

The Education & Youth Development (EYD) program is designed to help young people take control of their own educational outcomes.

Because education and youth development is critical in today’s society, Memphis Urban League, Inc. is pleased to provide the following programs to ensure the proper educational and development tools:

Project Ready – Middle School Transitions

Middle School Transition includes three components: Academic Achievement; Social Development; College Cultural and Awareness.

Project Ready – Post Secondary Success

The program emphasizes study skills, critical thinking, test taking skills and includes the use of culturally relevant resources, field trips and college tours.

Read and Rise – Teen Mother

By taking control of your child’s education, you empower them to be successful in the future and support life long learning and positive achievement in schools.

Expect More Achieve More Coalition

“Far too many students are graduating from high school unprepared for further education or for the workforce. By raising the bar through higher academic standards we help ensure that every student in Tennessee graduates ready for the future.”

Annual Do the Right Thing Celebration (DTRT)

Honors African-Americans students and adults who have “done the right thing” in Memphis and Shelby County and community.

Memphis Urban League Initiatives


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