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Empower the youth leads to many possibilities.


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Our Education & Youth Development (EYD) program ensures our youth are ready for college, work, and life. Our goal is to provide academic enrichment, civic engagement, college preparation, computer literacy, leadership development services and youth entrepreneurship.

Memphis Urban League strives to instill the moral character necessary to lead lives as innovative, productive thriving leaders in our communities.


Youth Entrepreneurship Empowerment Symposium

The Youth Entrepreneurship Empowerment Camp offers students in grades 9th – 12th the opportunity to acquire foundations of business concepts, and then apply those concepts to the team’s new business idea. This startup movement will help students test their creativity and critical thinking skills.

The curriculum is 50% Entrepreneurship, 20% Financial Literacy, 20% Strategic Planning and 10% Customer Service and People Skills. Our curriculum brings business principles to life through experiential learning, executed in real, market-based scenarios. We strive to instill the moral character necessary for our youth to lead lives as innovative, productive, thriving leaders in our communities.

Modules of Study:

Product / Brand Ideas
Competitive Comparisons
Website Building
Social Media Campaigns
Business Modeling


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