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Savoring Success: How Memphis Black Restaurant Week Fuels Community Growth and Celebrates Black Culinary Excellence

Written By: JR Robinson

Memphis Black Restaurant Week (MBRW) is a vibrant celebration of Black-owned restaurants that offers a unique opportunity for these establishments to showcase their culinary talents and attract new customers. This event is not just about enjoying delicious meals; it’s a powerful initiative aimed at raising awareness and supporting minority-owned eateries, which are integral to the socio-economic upliftment of the community.

What is Memphis Black Restaurant Week?

MBRW is an annual event that spotlights Black-owned restaurants across Memphis. During this week, participating restaurants offer special dining deals, allowing food enthusiasts to explore a variety of culinary offerings. The event is designed to bring in new customers, increase visibility for Black-owned businesses, and foster a sense of community pride and support.

The Details of Memphis Black Restaurant Week

  • Duration and Participation: The event spans seven days and features an impressive lineup of Black-owned restaurants. In 2024, 29 restaurants participated, offering over 105 unique meals for patrons to choose from.
  • Culinary Diversity: MBRW celebrates the rich and diverse flavors of the Black community, highlighting the biggest names in the local culinary scene and providing a platform for lesser-known gems to shine.
  • Economic Impact: By participating in MBRW, patrons contribute to the local economy and help create a sustainable business environment for Black entrepreneurs.

The Importance of Supporting and Promoting Black Business

Supporting Black-owned businesses is crucial for several reasons:

  • Economic Empowerment: Black-owned businesses play a pivotal role in fostering economic empowerment within the Black community. They create jobs, generate wealth, and contribute to the overall economic stability of the area.
  • Cultural Preservation: These businesses act as cultural hubs, preserving traditions and enriching the community’s cultural fabric.
  • Breaking Down Barriers: By thriving despite systemic barriers, Black-owned businesses demonstrate resilience and inspire future generations of entrepreneurs.
  • Community Development: The success of Black-owned businesses leads to a positive feedback loop of community development, as these businesses often reinvest in local initiatives and philanthropy.

Memphis Black Restaurant Week is more than a culinary event; it’s a movement that supports the growth of Black-owned businesses and, by extension, the entire community. By participating in MBRW, individuals can enjoy an array of exquisite dishes while contributing to a cause that promotes economic diversity, cultural richness, and social equity. It’s a delicious way to make a difference and an essential ingredient in the recipe for a thriving, inclusive Memphis.


  • EGGXACTLY BREAKFAST & DELI – 1248 Marlin Rd. Memphis, TN 38116 – Pick Up Order: (901)729-7598
  • SAGE – Pick Up Order: (901)672-7902
  • CHEF TAM’S UNDERGROUND CAFE – Pick Up Order: (901)207-2598
  • SLIM & HUSKY’S PIZZA – 634 Union Ave. Memphis, TN 38103
  • BALL HOGGERZ BBQ – 1404 Airways Blvd. Memphis, TN 38114 – Pick Up Order: (901) 279-1758
  • ART HOUSE CAFE – 1023 Mississippi Blvd. 38126 – Pick Up Order: (901) 480-8380
  • THE FOUR WAY – 998 Mississippi Blvd. Memphis, TN 38126 – Call (901)507-1519 or (901)305-4488
  • BALA’S BISTRO AFRICAN & AMERICAN CUISINE – 4571 Elvis Presley Blvd. Memphis, TN 38116
  • SUGASHACK – Pick Up Order: (901)666-1961
  • THE GENRE MEMPHIS – 200 Poplar Ave., Suite 105 Memphis, TN 38103
  • BONES AND YAMS – 6479 Winchester Rd. Memphis, TN 38115
  • 350 BAKED – 18 N 2nd. St. Ste 1 Memphis, TN 38103
  • SHROOMLICIOUS MEALS – 1249 Heistan Place Memphis, TN 38104
  • XQUISITE DINING – 2488 Winchester Rd. Memphis, TN 38116
  • Arnold’s BBQ & Grill
  • ASHTAR GARDEN – 898 Cooper St. Memphis, TN 38104
  • MEALS FOR YOU – Pick Up Order: (901)283-0872
  • FABULOUS FLAVORS & FRIENDS – 2063 East Brooks Rd. Memphis, TN 38116
  • KAYE’S PINTS & SCOOPS – 2089 Winchester Rd. 38116
  • CXFFEE BLACK – 761 National St. Memphis, TN 38122
  • QUINTESSENTIAL SWEETS – 2811 Bartlett Blvd. Memphis, TN 38134
  • 97 N. Main St. Memphis, TN 38103
  • BUTTERIFFIC BAKERY & CAFE – 488 S 2nd St. Memphis, TN 38103 – Pick Up Order: (901)207-4618

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